Blocks - 240 x 150 15 Designs

		Blocks - 240 x 150 15 Designs
		Blocks - 240 x 150 15 Designs		Blocks - 240 x 150 15 Designs
USD $20.00USD $12.00 each (complete set)


Some more beautiful background quilting designs, again featuring embroidery designs from, this time in 240 x 150 with 15 designs in all.

The full set of blocks can be viewed here.

This Block set is available in various different formats - Husqvana (.hus), Pfaff(.vp3), Brother(.pes) and Janome(.jef). Please be careful to select the format you require during purchase.

List of the comments:
Do you have frames available that you can embroidery around existing designs. I would like to embroidery a block, then add backing and batting and then add quilting stitches as background. I guess you must have figured out that I do not know how to quilt and looking for an easier way to finish my quilts and avoid all the expense of having them quilted by long arm. Thanks for your thoughts. I will be out of state for a week but will look forward to a reply when I return.
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