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This workbook is a combination of Embroidery and Feather Quilting Designs designed and digitised by Janet Sansom and Kenny Kreations both Australian Designers.

Available from http://www.oregonpatchworks.com (Janet Sansom) and http://www.kennykreations.com (Kenny Kreations).

The workbook features nine main blocks with additional editing ideas for further blocks in some instances as well.

The quilting Designs are beautiful and have really made the embroideries on these blocks look outstanding. I have made my quilt in soft colors but brights would work beautifully as well. There are some exciting editing ideas to be learnt and I certainly hope you enjoy your Florintino Feathers Journey.

This workbook is in PDF format.

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Please let me know when this will be available. Are the designs (by Janet Sansom and by Kenny Kreations) included with this Workbook?
Please let me know when this book is ready so I know what link to go to purchase it.<br /><br />TIA,<br />Bona
Hi Anita,<br />Could you please let me know when this workbook is available to purchase.<br />thanks heaps<br />judi
Hi Anita, I too word like to know when your book is out and where can I purchase it.<br />Thanks<br />gina
please contact me when this item is ready for purchase
Can't wait for you to finish. Also where can we get Janet Sansom Kenny Kreations Designs for this workbook? Also love your website. Thanks. As Always, Jan
I too would love to be contacted when the items will be ready for purchase. Thanks.
Hi Anita,How many blocks are in this workbook?Thanks heapsJudi
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