Purple Passion and Elegant Scrolls Design Editing

USD $40.00 each (complete set)


This Workbook consists of 9 blocks that I have edited using designs from Elegant Scrolls and Purple Passion Designs from Hatched In Africa which are available on their web site http://www.hatchedinafrica.com/ These blocks have been designed in 5D Embroidery Extra. There will also be instructions for two background quilting blocks that can be designed in 5D Design Creator using Clam Shell and Cross Hatching and once these have been done you will see that there are several options available for you to experiment with. I have used Robison-Anton Rayon Elegance Range of threads in my designs.

I will also be explaining how to add the background fabric to your blocks whilst still in the hoop and this certainly makes it easier when putting our blocks together. I trust you will enjoy the editing of these beautiful designs and gain the confidence to be able to design further blocks for yourself.

This workbook is in PDF format.

List of the comments:
Anita<br />Great workbook. I have just finished building the blocks and the Quilted backgound blocks, now to find the time to start stitching,hopefully over the weekend.<br />Keep the workbooks coming.<br />Thanyou Linda
Thankyou Linda - hope the stitching out is coming along fine - Anita
I am a complete novice,but love the florintino feathers quilt,do I need to purchase the designs from both designers and the workbook from you...it will explain how to get the feather design to wrap around the flower designs,or have you already done that.I have just purchased pe-design next ...

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