Blocks - Adele - 12 Designs

USD $15.00 each (complete set)

I have been asked to put together some of my background quilt designs that I have been fiddling with over the past few months.

The Adele has been designed for the 260mm x 200mm hoop for the Pfaff and Brother machines. If you require another format please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have used gradient fills in these designs and this involves colours stitching over a previous colour to give what I think is a very nice look.

I love and regularly use the Robison Anton Rayon Elegance 40 range of threads and find they blend together beautifully in this type of work.

I have designed these bocks so that you are able to add whatever design you would like in the centre thus making the design truly your own.

The Hummingbird from Hatched in Africa and is located at

The black cat design is from Kreations by Kara and is located at

I look forward to seeing your stitch outs.