Blocks - Cinnamon Serenade 12 Designs

USD $30.00USD $15.00 each (complete set)

After many requests I have decided to make available my files on the Background Quilting for Cinnamon Serenade.

Please note, that with the Cinnamon Serenade Floral Design, these are background quilting designs only and the floral designs are Apricot Blush from Hatched In Africa.

These files are available in vp3 and hus formats. They are designed for the Pfaff Grand Dream Hoop and the Husqvarna Designer Majestic Hoop. I have made these designs available for those folks who do not have 5D Design Creator to digitise the designs themselves using my Workbook. However you will still need Shirley's Workbook for editing the designs for the Cinnamon Serenade Quilt.

This Block set is available in 2 different formats - Husqvana (.hus) and Pfaff(.vp3), please be careful to select the format you require during purchase.