Blocks - Redwork Woodland Owls (9 designs - 4 styles)

bl 006 owl 01
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USD $20.00USD $10.00 each (complete set)

I have created another set of Background Quilting Designs which I originally intended for using with the Redwork Owls which are available for purchase from Hatched in Africa After stitching a few of the blocks I decided to extend what could be achieved with these designs. When using Redwork I feel that the designs do not need to have quilting behind them so I have designed each of the nine blocks available to include a square and round centre that can be used for Redwork as there is no quilting behind them and then I added background quilting to the centre of these two blocks to really extend what can be achieved with this set resulting in there being thirty six 200 x 200 designs in all.

The full set of blocks can be viewed here.

Vicki from is currently making the quilt and will be writing the instructions for the layout and construction of quilt. It will be Quilt As You Go which we all love and should be available in the next few weeks. We all know how quickly Vicki can put together a quilt and the notes for us and a special thanks to her for making this available to us again.

I hope you enjoy this new set and if there is anything you need help with do not hesitate to ask and I will do my best to help you out - thanks again - Anita

This Block set is available in various different formats - Tajima (.dst), Husqvana (.hus), Pfaff(.vp3), Brother(.pes) and Janome(.jef). Please be careful to select the format you require during purchase.

Note: the designs are the background quilting only and embroidery designs still need to be purchased from Hatched In Africa.