Blocks - (260 x 200 Hoop) 26 Designs, 5 Styles

USD $20.00USD $10.00 each (complete set)

There has been considerable interest in the background quilting that I have been doing in my embroidery and it is my understanding that there are a number of folks who do not have 5D Design Creator to create these designs and who would like to be able to use this type of work in their embroidery.

I have put together 26 designs in five different styles that will fit the 260 x 200 hoop and have them available in (.vp3), (.hus), (.pes) and (.jef).

Please note that the floral embroidery designs in the centre of my samples do not form part of the design and that these designs are available from Janet Sansom at

If anyone would like these in other formats please email me and I will convert them for you. If you do not have this particular hoop size let me know as well and I will endeavour to get something done for you. Having the background quilted first and then adding your designs really adds something to your quilts and I certainly hope that you enjoy adding these elements to your embroidery.

This Block set is available in various different formats - Husqvana (.hus), Pfaff(.vp3), Brother(.pes) and Janome(.jef). Please be careful to select the format you require during purchase.