Splitting in Embird

Splitting Embird
USD $18.00 each (complete set)


I am pleased to offer embroiderers my tutorial on Splitting in Embird.

Embird have given me their permission to publish these notes.

Prior to using Embird http://www.embird.net/ I struggled to get a really nice split for my 360 x 350 Hoop and now that I have become more confident with it I just love to use the program. After several requests I have decided to make available notes on how I use the Basic Embird Program. Basic Embird is all that is required and can be downloaded and used for 30 days before registering.

Janet Sansom http://embroiderystash.info/embroidery-designs and Lyn from Kenny Kreations http://www.kennykreations.com/ have very kindly allowed me to use their designs in the downloadable file that I have done for your use in this tutorial. There are several ways to split designs in this Program but this is the one that I find works for me and I hope that you will spend several hours as I do creating and splitting designs for your larger hoops.

The designs are available in 2 different formats - Husqvana (.hus) and Pfaff(.vp3), please be careful to select the format you require during purchase and if you require any other Format please do not hesitate to email me