Cinnamon Serenade Quilting Additions

Embroidery Block 1Embroidery Block 3Embroidery Block 6Embroidery Block 8
USD $40.00 each (complete set)

Cinnamon Serenade Quilting Additions was an idea that developed after I had discovered and worked with the Cinnamon Serenade Workbook created by Shirley Rosenbrock and which can be found at The Embroidery Designs for these quilt blocks are available from under a selection of designs called Apricot Blush.

I put all of the designs together from Shirley's Workbook and was extremely impressed with the results. I had been wanting to play around with the 5D Design Creator Module for quite some time and decided that these edited blocks were perfect for what I wanted to achieve.

I designed and stitched a few blocks and uploaded them to our 5D Viking Embroidery Yahoo Group and of course it created a lot of interest. After several requests about how I was doing these background fills I decided that the easiest way to explain was to write this Workbook. It is so much fun seeing what these background stitches can add to an already created embroidery design. The work I have done so far is for the 360 x 350 Hoops but this type of background quilting could be done for almost any sized hoop. You will not regret taking the steps to enjoy this journey and thankyou Shirley for the inspiration.

This workbook is in PDF format.